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Download Office 2010 Activator and Activate Office 2010 Now!

This article is about Office 2010 activator and you can download the activator/toolkit and perform Office 2010 activation on your own.

Before getting started, you must know what is Office 2010 activation?

The Office 2010 activation is a process to verify your Office 2010 product key is real and hence your copy of Office 2010 is legal after Microsoft surver validated the key.

Then, you may come across a question – how to do the activation? Simple, if you have the valid key, just key in the 25-character key during the Office 2010 installation process and follow the activation wizard.

How about if you don’t have the key, you can use the Office 2010 activator. This is normally a third party software as show in the following section.

office 2010 activator

office 2010 activator

Actually, there are two types of Office 2010 activation – Retail and Volume.

Retail editions require activation, and require a legit product key during installation. If the product isn’t activated within the grace period, most of the features will be disables and it will enter Reduced Functionality Mode (RFM).

Volume activation is only available in Office 2010 Standard and Professional Plus editions. However Professional Plus retail is slightly different than Professional Plus volume, and requires a little work to convert from one activation type to the other using the tools below.

Volume license editions do not require a product key during installation and if the product isn’t activated (or falls out of an activated state) it will enter “Notification mode”. Unlike RFM, notification mode is still fully functional, it will just turn the title bar red and will give pop-ups when Office 2010 is started.

Volume activation is designed to help businesses activate dozens, hundreds, or thousands of machines with minimal effort (compared to retail). There’s two methods of volume activation. Key Management Server (KMS) and Multiple Activation Keys (MAK).

KMS involves running an internal company license server. Client computers will renew their license against the server. Each renewal will reset the expiry to 180 days, and it will try renewing every 7 days. Office will try contacting the server more frequently if expired or close to expiring. KMS is the preferred method of volume activation for businesses and incidentally KMS based solutions are the main source of activation “solutions”.

MAK activate similar to a retail key. It is a one-time activation over the internet against Microsoft’s server. Unlike a normal retail key, each key can be used for a minimum of 500 activations to thousands of activations. Like a retail key you will have to reactivate if there’s a drastic hardware change or if you change your installation to a new computer.

Office 2010 Activator Guide

The following is the Office 2010 activator that can help you to activate Office 2010 successfully.

Download Office 2010 Activator or Toolkit

It includes the ability to convert an installed retail Office to volume license, and “AutoKMS” which is a scheduled task that runs at startup and activates Office 2010. For step-by-step instructions, please read another article on Office 2010 activation crack.

If you have Office Retail edition installed you need to convert it to a Volume license using the option in the tool.

Note: The Office 2010 activator is tested and 100% working.

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